New Technology Energy Storage

Introducing the latest innovation in Energy Storage technology. 

Can we beat Tesla?

Our team, at LEV Enterprise, have the expertise to build and customise batteries for our customers. We offer our own range of batteries for our SNYPA vehicles and other products. We are currently developing an innovative battery which will revolutionise the battery industry.

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  1.                 Drones
    At LEV Enterprise, we offer a wide variety in personal and professional robotic technology. This includes UAV also known as drones
  2.               Robotics
    TThrough product and Innovation LEV have the ability to supply and produce home or commercial Robots, tailored to your needs.
  3.           RC Racings
    RC Racings
    LEV Enterprise also supplies its own product line of “ILLEGAL RACING” Remote Control Hobby that can be modify to use unlike any other.
  4.   Light Electric Vehicles
    Light Electric Vehicles
    From scooters, bicycles, and skateboards. The SNYPA product range is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of LEV Enterprise. For programmers we also provide open source programming boards.