LEV Enterprise we modify and fit batteries to suit almost any Electric vehicle, as well as any other purpose such as solar and wind storage.
Innovative R&D

Lithium Battery Systems

Customised Battery packs for Light Electric Vehicles
Local Design and Build.

We are in the process of developing an innovative customisable all-purpose battery pack, features of which include:

-Universal multi voltage all-purpose lithium battery pack

-Mobile power source for phone, tablet, lighting, computer back-up (home and office), entertainment systems and many more uses.

-A mobile power source for light electric vehicles

-Solar and wind power storage bank

-Voltage switching between 12, 24, 36 & 48v.

-Can be used in parallel or series configurations for higher voltage capability

-Future technology upgradeable

-High current capability

-Direct Placement for 12v SLA (12 Ampere Hours [AH]) Packs

-Minimal integration issues

-True Smart battery & wireless communication

-Advanced charge/discharge algorithm embedded in onboard microprocessor

-Maintenance free

-10year warranty

-Inbuilt safety devices

-Inbuilt security for theft protection

-Wireless communication for fuel gauge and other functions (Android & Apple Apps)

-Battery packs “clip” together for space saving and stability

-Fully serviceable

-Made and designed in Australia