Services cater to all your need
LEV is all about the latest of the latest, If you are in the realm of Electric vehicles, Energy Storage or any other Green or renewable energy we can service it all.

All our services and products come with the highest quality of Australian standard. No matter whether it is hand made, assemble or off the shelf item. We make sure that each and everyone of our clients leave LEV with a smile. 

 Your light electric vehicle (LEV), whether it is a scooter, bicycle, or skateboard, is like any other machine and you need to look after it if you want it to run properly.  


LEV Enterprise offers a full range of workshop services to ensure your LEV and other products such as Drones, RCs, Robotic components are kept healthy and safe. In particular, we specialise with our SNYPA product line. Our technicians have the know-how, so just pop in during our open hours and we can provide you with a quote, including any upgrades and modifications.

We have a fully stocked workshop with a range of replacement and upgrade parts available.

The frequency of our recommended servicing depends on how much you use your LEV, as well as how you maintenance it. Generally you would want to service your LEV about 6 weeks after you first start riding, and every 6 months thereafter. SNYPA vehicles include a free 6 week service.